Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Summary of Intense Living

SXSW was SO FUN!!!!

TOP 10 Best Moments

10. Voodoo crust punk house in Little Rock (Stephen and Britt...you guys rule!)
9. Watching a pretty hilarious interview with some dude and the Dixie Chicks at a table near us.
8. Being at the only Hisclancyness show at SXSW. AMAZING!
6. Meeting the Splinters!
5. Motel6/Super8 bro-down with Reading Rainbow!
4. Delicious bbq chicken at the Day Before the Mess Fest.
3. Having 4 shows in a row with the Beach Fossils, the Beets and Reading Rainbow.
2.Getting free snacks at the top of the Driskell Hotel because the waitress thought Daniel was Jack Black.
1. Sounding like a 10 piece band at GorillavsBear showcase!

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