Monday, March 28, 2011

What goes on...

SXSW was great....crazy but great! We were psyched to catch A Classic Education, Memoryhouse, Screaming Females, Small Black and Reading Rainbow, but most of all it was nice swimming a pool! Seriously such an underrated activity.

If you didn't know our EP called Prisoner is coming out on April 19th. More details on that soon...with a free download!!!! If you live in NYC please come to our shows on the 15th and 16th so you can grab a copy a little earlier than everyone!

Other than that we are getting ready for our tour out West and back! Vancouver, Seattle, San Francisco, LA, San Diego....we are coming for you!!!!!!! Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland, Minneapolis, Fargo...can't wait to finally meet you! Those dates will be posted later this week!


  1. Wait no Portland show between Seattle and SF??

  2. oh my bad!!! PORTLAND FOR SURE!!! check it out!!!

  3. Thanks!! I'm so excited to see you all live.