Monday, April 12, 2010


so we have been graciously invited to play what could be a pretty epic festival in Saratoga Springs, New York. i think it's gonna be amazing, but it is a totally fan donations based thing so if you have the chance go to:

other than that we are getting ready to play three dates in a row in the big BK! here are our dates:

Friday April 16th: BRUAR FALLS w/ Total Slacker, Air Waves, Beachniks, and Beach Fossils

Saturday April 17th: GLASSLANDS w/ Maine Coons, Family Trees, the Beets, and German Measles

Sunday April 18th: COCO66 w/ Marshmallows, Honey Dos and Maine Coons

Monday April 19th: SERIOUS CHILLAGE in Philly w/ Reading Rainbow...secret myspace show at their house

Tuesday April 20th: Baltimore @ THE GOLDEN WEST w/ Harlem and Junkers

here is a sweet flyer that the German Measles designed: