Monday, September 26, 2011

That was AWESOME

Hey! We are back from tour with Reading Rainbow. Best things about tour in random order:

10. Sweet hangs at the Bottletree in Birmingham, AL
9. Listening to Agalloch in the van right before our Northampton show. grrrrrr!
8. Knowing that Rob and Al from RR were going to fix all our problems! Both with gear and life.
7. Stereotypical girl time with Sarah. Her hair looked great after we went to the salon! (teehee)
6. Finally paying attention to Jonathan's stage moves (better than bass face!)
5. Daniel's sweat drenched clothes after each show. He could wring out his shirt. PUNK!
4. Chocolate.
3. Listening to RR every night!
2. The raddest, most intelligent, most loyal fans ever! Blown away by your awesomeness!
1. Being with Reading Rainbow every day for 2 weeks!

Here are some photos taken by our new favorite NYC photographer Maryanne Ventrice of our penultimate show at Glasslands in Brooklyn:

COOOOL! We have a show coming up this Friday at a new-ish Roanoke venue called the Horse Shoe with two awesome local bands Heevahava and the Situationist. AND we head back into the studio next week to start recording our SECOND ALBUM!!!!!! We are STOKED!