Saturday, January 29, 2011

word up 2011

Whoah I can't believe January is almost OVER! SHEEEZE. Well so it's been a great year so far. Our friend Aaron DeBruin directed a new video for us for Safe at Home which you can see here and also other places:

We are trying to scrimp and save so our trip to SXSW will be somewhat livable. We heard Lower Dens uses a rice cooker and canned beans to survive and may try that out until we hate both beans and rice forever. Me hate rice? NEVER. STEREOTYPE!

In other news we finally got our act together and recorded a 4 song EP that will come out in the Spring. It's called Prisoner EP and it will be a ROCKER!

Also were you at our shows in Philly, New York, DC or Harrisonburg VA this past month? Did you notice something different about our live show?