Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Girls in the City

HAAAY! We have been at home for a bit, practicing, writing and getting pumped for tour! In the meantime we've debuted a new song from our Prisoner EP called "Cog" which you can check out here:

one day we will shake this "beachy" curse on our head. it's the source of minor frustration.

If you have pre-ordered our Prisoner Vinyl it is on it's way so please be patient. Record presses are finnicky places!

Here is a weird bit of footage of MACRoCk 2011, and a brand new song called "Girls in the City," which features Daniel on some moody Lee Ranaldo/dark wave style vocals. Enjoy!


  1. Wow, sounds great! You guys are awesome. Come to Tucson PLLEEEEAAAASSSEEE!!!
    I will feed you the most delicious burritos ever if you do : D

  2. You guys were awesome last night at the empty bottle (and really friendly too!). I fucking loved girls in the city. When will it be recorded?